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There are several problems with travelling in India. For one, the distances are huge. Further, travel is slow and often uncomfortable. Don't be fooled by buses called 'luxury' and trains which bear the name 'express': they never are.

But the rewards are enormous. If you want a snapshot of India - its people, food, traditions, way of life - then simply take a long distance train or bus. You will see it all.

In collecting these articles, I have endeavoured to convey some of the spirit of such travel. I have also done my best to run the gamut of Indian travel conveyance, as far as I experienced it. So there are trains (aplenty), buses, autorickshaws, cycle rickshaws, and boats. There are short trips, and there are long ones. But absolutely no planes: that would have been no fun at all.

The following are the articles in this section.

  » The journey to Kanpur

  » The 'jeetee'

  » The magic of travel

  » Overnight train to Hyderabad

  » Wanderlust

  » Bicycle hire

  » Backwater cruise 1

  » Backwater cruise 2

  » Backwater cruise 3

  » Conducting traffic

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Read the first article in the series, the journey to Kanpur.

The journey to Kanpur is a long one, nearly six hours. There is rarely a dull moment. The carriage is as clogged with passengers as always and the usual chai and mumfali wallahs are working the line.

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