MapsDetailing my route around India

Here are various maps charting my route around the subcontinent. They include some interesting geographical features such as rivers and mountain ranges, as well as some state and national boundaries. I've spiced up the maps with some colour. They're a little bit teensy so I've added a zoom effect: hover over the image, and be patient, it takes a while to load (requires javascript to be enabled).

Available for purchase now

Sheldon's account of his overland travels around India, A River of Life, is available for purchase now. Buy the e-book from or, or the paperback from or (also available in other countries, search Amazon for more information).

The first instalment, A River of Life, Book 1: Travels in the North, is available separately (e-book format only) via or The second instalment, A River of Life, Book 2: A Tour of the South, is available via or


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