History of IndiaFrom the perspective of places travelled through

This section covers some of the historical moments of India. A caveat: it is not systematic, and certainly not all-encompassing. It merely recounts historical times and events connected to the places I passed through on my travels, and only those which I found interesting. To some extent, this interest was biased by my nationality; hence the stories and incidents connected to Raj times. I also found Mughal rule quite impressive, though who wouldn't, with the stunning monuments those rulers left behind.

Unlike other articles in the Travels in India section, these are arranged chronologically by when they happened, rather than in the order in which I passed through the places concerned. This may seem a bit clumsy, though fortunately several times the general progression of my travels (and perhaps my interest too) was through places with a more ancient history to ones with a history that was more recent. Not always, but enough to make the order of the articles loosely fit my itinerary.

The following charts the articles in this section: their topics, their place in history.

BC   //  ..  1300  1400  ..  ..  1700  ..  ..  2000
 » Megasthenes C4 BC
 » Ashoka, Mauryan Emperor C3 BC
 » Chalukyas (at Badami)  C6 
 » Vijayanagar Enpire (at Hampi) 1343  -  1646
 » Domingos Paes, chronicler 1520
 » Adil Shah Dynasty (at Bijapur) 1490  -  1686
 » The Mughals 1513  -  1757
 » Shah Jahan d 1666
 » 1857 Mutiny 1857
 » The siege of Lucknow 1857

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Read the first article in the series, about Megasthenes.

The line of Western travellers and writers in India is one that stretches back as far as the 4th century BC, when a Greek ambassador to the country, one Megasthenes, undertook a tour of the country and left a detailed account of his visit. The book that he wrote, the Indica, was the first authentic and connected description of India by a foreign traveller and was an important work, even if its narrative was clouded somewhat by the inclusion of many fabulous tales that the credulous Megasthenes mistook for fact.

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