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A nice place for a weekend getaway. The direct train from Guangzhou does the journey in under 2 hours, making it very accessible. Not sure I'd like to live there: too crowded (not that Guangzhou isn't), too expensive, too excessive after a while. With its British legacy still living on ('One country, two systems' is a Hong Kong motto), it's efficiency and orderliness make it a welcome counterpoint to the much rougher, more chaotic city of Guangzhou.

Since my arrival in Guangzhou in 2005, there have been many weekend excursions, mostly to Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.

Delhi Deadlines by Sheldon Smith

A washed out journalist, posted to India to cover a bloody election campaign, uncovers truths about his son's life - and death - in the country, truths that test loyalties forged in the war zones of Bosnia and Rwanda. A fiercely evocative narrative of modern-day India, filled with the clamour and hot stinks of its capital, this is a novel of death woven through with life.

"The writing is very very good... the mysteriousness of Wyndham's death and the narrator's involvement will entice the reader to keep reading." - 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) Expert Reviewer


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