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There are two word clouds below. The first one was generated by TagCrowd. I prefer this one to second because it removes some of the more boring words ('said', 'all'), and because, despite being alphabetical, it has some interesting juxtapositions. Notice, for example, the words 'love' and 'making' side by side, and how 'mind' comes after (over?) 'matter'. The nice thing about word clouds is the snapshot they give of the novel. Unsurprisingly, 'son' is much more prominent than 'wife', while 'Wyndham' looms largest of all (another nice thing about this cloud, much easier to find specific words). One slight problem with both is that in removing commonplace words ('an', 'the', 'is'), the cloud generators have also removed one of the key words of a first person narration: 'I'.

The words in black are names, and are all links to the character study section.

almost although anything anyway asked away bad behind better building car care carol charles country course dark days death delhi done dr else enough fact far feeling felt gave going gone greg guns hard head hospital howard idea imagined india killed knew known kumar later laughed leave life line lives looking love making man matter mind moment money night nothing office oh outside people perhaps prabash project rahul rain ravi really returned road room seemed simply smiled something son sound suddenly sure taken talking things think thought told took tried voice wanted wife wondered words work wrong wyndham years yes

This second word cloud was generated by WordItOut. It looks a little better visually than the previous one, though I don't like it so much. Again, some interesting (chance) associations and positioning. I like how 'son' is at the top of this one, and interesting how 'death' is over 'Carol'.

If you liked these word clouds, you might be interested in the word cloud for the travel book A River of Life, and the one for the novel Virtually.

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