IranTravels 2000

These images come from the first leg of my 6 month 'winterless' journey across Asia in 2000/2001. Technically, the journey started in Turkey, but only because flying to Istanbul and racing across Turkey by bus (two buses, 36 hours) was the cheapest way to reach Iran. I first became interested in Iran in 2000, the year a solar eclipse swept across north Asia and southern Europe, just skirting where I lived in the UK. Iran was supposed to be the place with the likeliest chance of totality. In the end, I didn't make it that year, but bought a book called Teach Yourself Persian, learnt some farsi (Persian for 'Persian'), and set off a year later.

Delhi Deadlines by Sheldon Smith

A washed out journalist, posted to India to cover a bloody election campaign, uncovers truths about his son's life - and death - in the country, truths that test loyalties forged in the war zones of Bosnia and Rwanda. A fiercely evocative narrative of modern-day India, filled with the clamour and hot stinks of its capital, this is a novel of death woven through with life.

"The writing is very very good... the mysteriousness of Wyndham's death and the narrator's involvement will entice the reader to keep reading." - 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) Expert Reviewer


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